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Located outside of Dallas, TX, Architectural Image Systems, LLC is a full service fabricator and installer of ACM/MCM, Metal Panels, Louvers and Sunshades. AIS has a proven track record in supporting customers through a building design/construction project or in assisting with re-imaging process/programs.

Clients have included: Conoco/Philips, Shell, Nissan, GMC, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Boston Market, Macy’s, and Orvis among others.

AIS facts:

  • Availability of all major brands of ACM incluing Alcopla by Xxentria.
  • MultiCam Router Table with 8’ x 24’ bed.
  • Stocking material programs available.
  • In-house pre-fabrication services available. Helps minimize need for on-site field fabrication.
  • Licensed contractor in states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, with more pending approval.
  • Capable of providing structural steel fabrication services.